Let's be honest:

  • The world would be a better place if we all acted a little more like Jim and a little less like Dwight.
  • Saxophone solos are wildly underrated, pizza rolls are overrated and Tom Cruise is properly rated.
  • A good GIF can communicate better than a perfect word.

But most importantly I believe illustration has the ability to communicate powerful stories and ideas. 

My work is dedicated to creating simple yet effective illustrations and I love rising to the challenge of transforming complex concepts into a work of simplicity.

So, if you want to partner with an illustrator who brings a fresh perspective to your project–and who also appreciated the ending of LOST– then I believe that I'm your guy.

Selected Clients

National Geographic, ESPN, American Express, Seat Geek, Monotype, Ghostery, Ohio History Connection, Answers in Genesis, Influence Magazine, Vital Magazine

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But listen, even if you are feeling right now how I felt at the end of Inception (unsure and desperate for clarification), get at me through the form below and we can chat more.

Learning Opportunities

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Topics include but are not limited to:

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