Behind the Scenes of NFTs

The whole is more than the sum of its parts.


I've always loved comic books. It's an easy format to fall in love with due to it's blend of art, story-telling, and age-defying attraction to the medium.

As an artist, I'm fascinated by lines, shapes, forms, and the movement a lot of comic book art displays. As a whole, I can appreciate the beauty of a comic book page. But as I looked closer, I wondered...

  • Can the beauty still be found in only a tiny portion of the whole? 
  • When removed from its original context, could I use it as building blocks to tell a new story? 
  • Does it amplify the beauty?

I landed on yes to all the above. This process helped me appreciate the minute details. They've always been there, but I had never taken the time to zoom in and study them. I now desire to lean in and look closer.

Maybe the next time you pick a comic book up, you'll do the same.  

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